One out of four families in Minnesota has a family member with some form of physical limitation.

Minnesota Council on Disabilities

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Accessibility Design is the foundation for the success of your project.

Accessibility Design is a design, consultation, project management, and product recommendation company that specializes in home access for individuals of all ages and abilities.

It may seem like no one understands your challenges and the decisions needing to be made. You're not alone. We understand and have helped hundreds of individuals through this process.
...And we can help you.

A company built around you.

Created from the ground up, this company was established to fulfill a significant need. We didn't simply add access-oriented services to an already established company, but rather listened closely to our clients and developed our services, business practices, and procedures around you and your needs.


We listen and discover what your needs are.

No matter how large the project or how complex your needs are, we can work with you to create the living space that's best for you. We listen carefully to you, your family, and caregivers to understand the challenges you face in your home.

Solutions created just for you.

Our projects accommodate a wide range of clients and conditions and thus are customized to each individual's particular needs and wants, given each client's unique situation. (eg.; those coping with a catastrophic injury or a degenerative disease, families with a child who has limited abilities, families caring for aging parents, or active adults wishing to age-in-place). We integrate access, safety, ease of maintenance, and beauty in each design and solution to create the highest possible level of dignity and independence.

We look forward to collaborating with all the members of your team, including case managers, social workers, discharge team members, worker's compensation attorneys, insurance companies, physical therapists, contractors, realtors, your family members, and whoever else has a role in the success of your project. We want what's best for you and your family.

We're flexible and committed to working with your situation, budget, and schedule, no matter how complex it may be, regardless of its funding source.

Always working to serve you better.

We continue to broaden our knowledge base of design, access, construction, occupational therapy, real estate, project management, and innovative products. Your project will most likely touch upon all of these areas and we want to be there for you. We're always striving to improve the quality of our solutions, skills, and services to better guide you through this process. As the field of home access grows, we continue to lead with new ideas and services that meet your needs.

Committed to building awareness.

Accessibility Design donates time and resources to local organizations that are working toward greater awareness of accessibility issues. Most recently, we participated in Possibility Build, a community project with Habitat for Humanity and Courage Center in Minneapolis, MN. Read more about these exciting projects In the Know.

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, our Service Region includes Minnesota and the surrounding states. Some services are available nationwide.

The Cornerstones of Accessibility Design's Successful Process

  • To determine the best solution for you or your client, we explore each access solution from the perspectives of design, occupational therapy, construction, and real estate value.
  • To enable maximum level of dignity and independence, we integrate access, safety, ease of maintenance, and beauty into each design.
  • To ensure that each detail is not forgotten, we guide the project through each phase, applying our time, knowledge, and expertise.
  • To add continued value to construction investments, we evaluate both current and future needs and integrate them into our design solutions.


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