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Flexibility for a Changing Lifestyle

Accessibility Design was contacted by Michelle Nickerson to help with her new condominium construction project. As a single individual living with a disability, Michelle wanted a home that would accommodate her lifestyle as she moved through various phases of her life, including the possibility of getting married and starting a family. Being young, she also wanted a home that would be appealing to potential homebuyers if the need to sell arose.

Collaborating to Gain Independence
A team approach and collaboration with the developer were necessary to provide the level of access and independence Michelle desired. Since flexibility was important to Michelle, Accessibility Design took great care in providing universal design in the kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and laundry area, as well as general space planning and layout considerations.

Accessibility Design's solution included:

  • Fully accessible eat-in kitchen
  • Accessible bathroom with adjacent laundry/clothing storage area
  • An egress route directly from unit to exterior walking path (not typical for the condo units)

One of the lessons I've learned in the process of finding a home is the difference between a home that claims to be accessible and one that truly is accessible, incorporating universal design. Having a few ideas of what I wanted, but no method to reach a final product, I contacted Jane Hampton of Accessibility Design. She listened to my frustrations with other "accessible housing" and my list of desired features in a home. Together, we assessed my existing apartment home to discover what was working and what was not. The experience and knowledge Jane brought to the project was invaluable. I would not have found a home anywhere else that so perfectly meets my needs.

- Michelle Nickerson

Minneapolis, MN 55426 USA 952.925.0301

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