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Aging with Dignity

Jeanne Angel, who uses a walker, wanted to maintain independence and be safe while conducting everyday activities such as cooking and personal care as she "aged in place" in her condominium. Moving into a nursing home "prematurely" was not an acceptable option, but Jeanne was overwhelmed by the process of remodeling, her condominium association's review process, and a limited timeframe because she would be living in her home during construction. So she called on Accessibility Design and our full services (design, construction documents, bid gathering, and project management) to help her create the home she wanted.

Assessing Needs and Affirming Desires
Accessibility Design focused on improving the kitchen and master bathroom to meet Jeanne's needs. Designing for walker and wheelchair use and paying attention to even the smallest detail ensured that Jeanne would be safe as well as comfortable now and for years to come.

Accessibility Design assessed Jeanne's individual needs and abilities and incorporated the following features:

  • Point-of-use accessible storage
  • Safe transitions (e.g., walker to chair)
  • Accessible food preparation and kitchen activities
  • Accessible bathroom with roll-in shower

My new kitchen is not just beautiful - it is livable. Accessibility Design was involved in all phases of the project and I really appreciate their ability to listen to my concerns and guide decisions appropriately. They really cared about creating a kitchen and bathroom that worked for me and allowed me to enjoy my home.

- Jeanne Angel

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