One out of four families in Minnesota has a family member with some form of physical limitation.

Minnesota Council on Disabilities

Janalee Reineke Lyth

Janalee Reineke Lyth

Access Specialist, Project Manager

With a strong background as an occupational therapist, certified disability case manager and ergonomic consultant, Ms. Reineke Lyth brings our team broad experience within the rehabilitation spectrum. Her background has included work in the healthcare and corporate arenas to promote successful modifications that allow clients with accessibility needs to return or stay at work in an ergonomically appropriate environment.

Personally and professionally, Ms. Reineke Lyth believes that one’s disability or unique functional challenges are often an asset to a thriving, diverse community. She shares her expertise as a contributing author in several publications and frequent speaker at professional and national conferences. Her desire to ensure opportunity for all inspires our growth as a company to underserved areas.

Minneapolis, MN USA info@AccessibilityDesign.com 952.925.0301

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