One out of four families in Minnesota has a family member with some form of physical limitation.

Minnesota Council on Disabilities


Personal Injury: Information and Specialized Services

Often times after an injury/accident, resulting in a permanent disability, significant remodeling of the individual's existing home to accommodate care giving and/or home access features is needed…or if the existing home does not easily lend itself to remodeling, construction of a new home or the purchase of a different home may be needed (or a combination there of). As apart of a personal injury lawsuit, attorneys attempt to recoup anticipated lifetime expenses associated with their client's permanent disability. A report identifying accessible housing options is often times included in the attorney's case to identify unique architectural features and assistive products needed to accommodate the disability. Accessibility Design creates these reports that can increase a settlement or justify a defense. With our experience and specialized knowledge of home access, product recommendation, and project management, we provide a non-biased, objective opinion and the written report to present costs of acquiring an accessible home.

Specialized services for this process are:

  • Home Access Site Visit (to determine current and future accessibility issues)
  • Gathering Medical and Rehabilitation Information
  • Identifying Housing Options and Associated Costs (e.g.; remodel the existing home, construct new home, or identify an alternate home that would more easily lend itself to modification)
  • Project Management and Coordination with "Key Players" (e.g.; The Person with the Disability, Family Members, Caregivers, Therapists, Contractors, Life Care Planner, Attorneys, Physicians, Product Vendors, Real Estate Agents, etc.)
  • Design, Product Recommendation, and Drawings/Drafting (as needed)
  • Cost Estimates and Bid Gathering
  • Report Production and Submittal
  • Expert Witness Testimony at Trials and Depositions

Once a settlement has been awarded, Accessibility Design can continue to be of assistance by providing services during construction and at project completion:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Site visits
  • Incompletion Contractor Checklist
  • Post Occupancy Education
  • Reports and Project Completion Documentation and Reports

Whatever the size of your project or complexity of your situation, Accessibility Design has the right service for the job.

Visit our Catastrophic Injury Timeline page for more information.



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