The Riley Residence

An Accessible Home Remodel Focused on Value and Family Balance

Fulfilling their son’s need for 24-hour care, enabling home access, fostering interaction between family members, and preserving family privacy were priorities for the Rileys' remodel. Their son, Kelavonte, was in a car accident at a young age and became paralyzed. Once Kelavonte became a teenager, the Rileys were ready to fine-tune their living/caregiving environment and move from their small rental home. But to where?

Kelavonte’s mother, Desarae, expressed that they needed their home to function well for their son and the rest of the family. With caregivers coming and going at all hours, the family needed to regain a level of privacy. Knowing that creative space planning is at the root of all great home access projects, Accessibility Design was able to use their skills and guide them toward a solution that would meet all of their needs.

A Strategic Cost Savings Step

The first step to creating the environment they needed for Kelavonte was selecting the right home to purchase. This alone could save them thousands…and it did. By involving Accessibility Design in the search for the family’s new home, the Rileys and their real estate trust officer avoided several “buying errors.” They decided to focus on homes that already contained key access and space planning features. These foundational features would simplify and streamline construction. With Accessibility Design’s help, the appropriate home was selected.

Accessibility Design proposed a new design and space plan that would enhance the home’s beauty and add the access solutions to make it work. The new home allowed caregivers to come and go at all hours without interrupting or waking the family. It provided space for their coats and personal items, a desk area for doing paperwork, and a therapy area to work with Kelavonte. For Kelavonte’s needs, the home would accommodate lifting devices, a bathing/hygiene area, a sleeping area near caregivers, room for recreation with friends, access to the outdoors, and a bus pick-up and drop-off location.

The final design suited Kelavonte and his caregivers' needs, and it exceeded the family’s desires. By working together, the Riley family, Kelavonte’s trust officers, and Accessibility Design were able to select the right home, make the necessary modifications, and create harmony between form and function.

Accessibility Design's solution included:

  • An accessible front entrance with a keyless (always locked) entry system
  • A vestibule allowing caregivers to come and go as needed, yet maintain privacy for the family
  • A second entrance with two-way mirrors for family members to see who was coming and going from their private portion of the home without being disturbed
  • A ceiling-mounted lift system for transfers in the therapy area, bathroom (shower and changing table), and bedroom
  • An accessible bathroom with a roll-in shower and changing table
  • Access and view to the existing deck from Kelavonte’s bedroom
  • A therapy room
  • A caregivers' area; separate bathroom and desk area
  • A safe, wheelchair-accessible bus pick-up and drop-off location in the driveway

"Our home is functioning perfectly. Kelavonte has adjusted well…he loves it!  We’re all so happy. Everyone who sees it is just wowed!!"

- Desarae Surratt, Kelavonte’s mother
The Riley ResidenceThe Riley Residence

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