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Medical expense accounts can cover home improvements and/or special equipment installations, as long as their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent.
- Department of Treasury, IRS Publication 502


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You are amazing! You are unique and special. Life, however, has thrown you a curveball. Things that used to support you seem to be working against you. And life is harder when your surroundings work against you.

Wait!... What if there was a place that empowered you, that brought joy to you, that fostered your creativity, and supported your independence and self-care. A place you can express yourself, share and laugh with others, make memories, and feel safe.

At Accessibility Design we know there is such a place. It is called your home. Together let us create this possibility for you.

Having specialized in accessible design for more than 30 years, the Accessibility Design team are experts in home transformation. Using tailored services, a vast network, and flexible, universal design principles, we'll help you rediscover freedom, independence, and dignity inside your home. Let us show you how!

Transforming homes with our client-focused process

Let's take this journey together!

After 30 years of experience, and over 5,000 projects, we know the “language”, the “process”, the “hang-ups” and the “pot-holes”.

  • Home Access & Safety Assessment
  • Floor Plan / Document Review
  • Home Access Design & Consultation
  • Drafting & Construction Documents
  • Product Recommendation
  • Budget & Cost Estimating
  • Bid Gathering
  • Project Cost Summary
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Project Completion Checklist
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Tailored services

Professionals refer projects to us from many different areas of our community. Each one requires different parameters and process.

To support our community's needs, Accessibility Design has created a specialized internal process for each of the following.

Efficient. Effective. Refined.

Don't see your situation?

No worries, we're here to help.

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"There is a difference between a home that claims to be accessible and one that truly is. Jane Hampton of Accessibility Design listened to my frustrations with other "accessible housing" and my list of desired features in a home. Together, we assessed my existing apartment home to discover what was working and what was not. The experience and knowledge Jane brought to the project was invaluable. I would not have found a home anywhere else that so perfectly meets my needs."

- Michelle Nickerson

Professional, Knowledgeable Accessibility Team

"Accessibility Design has shown me over and over again what a great company they are to work with.  They are quick to respond to any questions I have and provide clear, easy to understand assessments and bids."

- Heather Bartz, County Case Manager

Freedom, Dignity, & Independence Await!

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