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40.7 million adults in the United States are living with physical functioning difficulty.
- National Center for Health Statistics

Minnesota Workers' Compensation Home Modification and Specialized Services

Making a home accessible doesn't have to be permanent; sometimes a claim simply requires a transitional modification. You can count on Accessibility Design to meet your needs.

Minnesota is unique when it comes to workers' compensation. Minn. Statute §176.137 has a specific benefit to be used toward reasonable and necessary modifications of the injured worker's existing home to accommodate their needs secondary to the work-related injury, or in certain cases where this isn't feasible, the purchase of an alternate dwelling.

To be awarded the benefit, the injured worker must follow specific requirements and procedures set by the State. At Accessibility Design, we know the intricate details of the award process and parameters of the program, as well as the checkpoints and requirements along the way. Our experience and specialized knowledge of home access and product specification helps the worker, their family, employer, and/or insurance company navigate the complicated process from beginning to end.

Specialized services for this process are:

Prepping food at modified sink
  • Home Access Site Visit
  • Gathering Required Information: Medical and Rehabilitation
  • Coordination with "Key Players" (e.g.; Injured Employee, Family Members, Caregivers, QRC, Insurance Companies, Attorneys, Product Vendors, Contractors, Architects, Minnesota Council on Disabilities, Department of Labor and Industry)
  • Design, Product Research, Specification, and Drawings/Drafting (as needed)
  • Cost Estimates and Bid Gathering
  • Report Production and Submittal

Once the benefit is awarded, Accessibility Design is prepared to provide as much or as little assistance as requested during construction/installation and at project completion.

Whatever the size of your project or complexity of your situation, Accessibility Design has the right service for the job.

Post-Injury Timeline

Accessibility Design Injury Timeline Chart

Referral to Completion Process

  • Assessment: Home and Client
  • Design and Product Specification
  • Scope of Services/Bid Package Creation
  • Contractor and Product Vendor Bidding and Estimates
  • Recommendation Reports
  • Authorization to Proceed
  • Construction
  • Project Completion Walk-through and Corrections

This is a general process outline. Actual project time and services required may vary.

So we can best serve you, please contact us as soon as possible.

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"More than anything else, Accessibility Design guided us through the product selection process to ensure the equipment chosen was appropriate for Brock's abilities. There are products in the bathroom that we would have never known about if not for the knowledge and vendor resources of Accessibility Design."

- Judy Dahlke

"We can never express our thanks to you for all the effort and time you put into our project. You are very good at what you do and always very enthusiastic about it. It never seemed like it was just a job, we felt you truly cared about the people you were doing it for. We love the way it turned out. Thank you so very, very much." 

- Donna Fransden

Frequently Asked Questions

A family member was recently injured, and I think some things need to be changed at home so we can take care of them. When should we contact you to assist us?

Now! As soon as you know that your family member is going to live with disabilities, you should contact us. Although the tendency is to wait to make arrangements until the time of discharge, it's best to allow as much time as possible, in order to avoid rushed decisions and unnecessary stress.

When you call, we will spend a short amount of time getting to know the potential project. We will review the current home, contact any key players (insurance company's representative, case manager, etc.), and talk through possible directions that your project might take. For instance, we may discuss renovation; equipment installation; temporary housing; or building a new home. Once we have completed the necessary groundwork, we can establish a time to reconnect and begin the actual project.

See our Post-Injury Timeline for more information.

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