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Aging In Place / Four-Generation Home

Did you know?
Medical expense accounts can cover home improvements and/or special equipment installations, as long as their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent.
- Department of Treasury, IRS Publication 502

Information and Specialized Services for Seniors and Those Who Wish to "Age in Place"

As our population continues to age, many seniors have decided they prefer to remain living in their home or to move in with their children. In order to age in place, they'll require housing modifications to improve safety, independence, and accessibility. In many cases, home modifications address the use of mobility equipment such as walkers, canes, wheelchairs, and scooters.

Our specialized knowledge of home access, design, construction (architectural and interior), assistive products, and project coordination provides seniors and their family with necessary guidance. We'll assist you through the sometimes complicated and difficult process of eliminating potential safety hazards and preparing the home for both current and future needs.

Specialized Service for the Four-Generation Home

  • Home Access Site Visit
  • Gathering Medical and Rehabilitation Information
  • Design, Product Recommendation, Drawings/Drafting (as needed)
  • Create General Contractor Punch List
  • Cost Estimates and Bid Gathering
  • Project Coordination with "Key Players" (e.g.; The Senior(s), Family Members, Caregivers, Therapists, Physicians, Product Vendors, Contractors, etc.)
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Incompletion Contractor Checklist
  • Post Occupancy Education

Whatever the size of your project or complexity of your situation, Accessibility Design has the right service for the job.

"My new kitchen is not just beautiful—it is livable. Accessibility Design was involved in all phases of the project, and I really appreciate their ability to listen to my concerns and guide decisions appropriately. They really cared about creating a kitchen and bathroom that worked for me and allowed me to enjoy my home."

- Jeanne Angel

"A progressive neurological disease was robbing Mike of the ability to get around the house. So creating an accessible area in our home and planning for the future was a must. Little did we know that Accessibility Design would guide us through the process and help us develop a safe and beautiful home where Mike can live independently as long as possible. Many thanks for our amazing new world!"

- Ann Schroeder

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we stay and renovate this house or build a new home?

You are not alone. Our clients frequently ask us this question during their first conversations with us. It's a complicated question without one easy answer—that's why we offer a home access site visit as a service. We provide an initial phase of consultation to assist you with this critical decision. During this site visit, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your home; construction opportunities and limitations of your current home; and the pros and cons of investing in renovation of your current home versus applying that money to new construction. We consider four important categories of information:

  • How to maintain the greatest level of access, safety, ease of maintenance, and beauty for your needs and wants
  • Level of investment and value for your money
  • Your home's location, including features such as public transportation and hospital access
  • Emotional and personal issues regarding your home, your preparedness to relocate, and timeline for making a choice

While financial considerations are important, we consider your entire situation and make an informed recommendation. We'll work with you to discover what needs to change, and create a plan to make those changes.

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