The Schroeder Residence

The Desire to Age in Place, Despite an Uncertain Future

Mike Schroeder has a degenerative nerve disease that progressively affects mobility. After he and his wife Ann examined their options, they decided staying in their home was their best choice. As Ann told Accessibility Design when the project began: "We're not old, we're disabled. We're continuing to live our lives, but how do we do that?" The uncertainty of a prognosis is the biggest challenge in designing for a person with a degenerative disease. With experience in flexible design, Accessibility Design was able to provide a solution that offered options for the future.

Solving Problems through Technology
A customized integration of specialty products, space planning, and architectural features was important in developing a design that would meet the demands of Mike's uncertain future and maintain the beauty of their home. The couple's current hobbies and family-oriented lifestyle were strong considerations as well.

Accessibility Design's solution included:

  • A full home modification including: a master bedroom suite, renovated kitchen/dining area, main level mud-room/laundry room, and a bathroom/therapy area in the basement
  • An open space plan on the main level
  • A raised garden and patio area
  • Two accessible entrances/egress routes
  • Custom furniture with an ergonomic design (e.g., bench adjacent to "cubbies" and point-of-use storage in mud-room useable from a sitting position)
  • An elevator with four stops: main level, second level, garage, and basement
  • Two ceiling-mounted track systems: one in master bedroom suite, the other in basement bathroom/therapy area

"A progressive neurological disease was robbing Mike of the ability to get around the house. So creating an accessible area in our home and planning for the future was a must. Little did we know that Accessibility Design would guide us through the process and help us develop a safe and beautiful home where Mike can live independently as long as possible. Many thanks for our amazing new world!"

- Mike and Ann Schroeder
The Schroeder ResidenceThe Schroeder Residence

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