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Did you know?
Two in every five adults in the United States aged 65 and older have a disability.
- Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Accommodating care and giving in home access features when they’re needed most.

As a part of a personal injury lawsuit, attorneys attempt to recoup anticipated lifetime expenses associated with their client's permanent disability. A report identifying accessible housing options is oftentimes included in the attorney's case to identify unique architectural features and assistive products needed to accommodate the disability. Accessibility Design creates such reports in a non-biased, objective opinion, which can increase a settlement or justify a defense.

Our precise, effective process

  • Home Access Site Visit (to determine current and future accessibility issues)
  • Gathering Medical and Rehabilitation Information
  • Identifying Housing Options and Associated Costs (e.g.; remodel the existing home, construct new home, or identify an alternate home that would more easily lend itself to modification)
  • Project Management and Coordination with "Key Players" (e.g.; The Person with the Disability, Family Members, Caregivers, Therapists, Contractors, Life Care Planner, Attorneys, Physicians, Product Vendors, Real Estate Agents, etc.)
  • Design, Product Recommendation, and Drawings/Drafting (as needed)
  • Cost Estimates and Bid Gathering
  • Report Production and Submittal
  • Expert Witness Testimony at Trials and Depositions

Once a settlement has been awarded, Accessibility Design can continue to assist you by providing services during construction and at project completion:

  • Project Coordination
  • Construction Site visits
  • Incompletion Contractor Checklist
  • Post Occupancy Education
  • Reports and Project Completion Documentation and Reports

Whatever the size of your project or complexity of your situation, Accessibility Design has the right service for the job.

"One of the lessons I've learned in the process of finding a home is the difference between a home that claims to be accessible and one that truly is accessible, incorporating universal design. Together, we assessed my existing apartment home to discover what was working and what was not. The experience and knowledge Jane brought to the project was invaluable. I would not have found a home anywhere else that so perfectly meets my needs."

- Michelle Nickerson

"The access team and contractor provided careful planning and attention to detail, allowing for flexibility in accommodating the use of a power wheelchair as well as various lifts...and our house still feels like a home!"

- Lois Wogen

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Too high?

If you find the cost of the home access project too high, remember, you have options!

Renovate the existing home or building a new home are the most common solutions. But what about finding an existing accessible home for sale or buying a home more conducive to remodel? These are all choices that should be explored.

A family member was recently injured, and I think some things need to be changed at home so we can take care of them. When should we contact you to assist us?

Now! As soon as you know that your family member is going to live with disabilities, you should contact us. Although the tendency is to wait to make arrangements until the time of discharge, it's best to allow as much time as possible, in order to avoid rushed decisions and unnecessary stress.

When you call, we will spend a short amount of time getting to know the potential project. We will review the current home, contact any key players (insurance company's representative, case manager, etc.), and talk through possible directions that your project might take. For instance, we may discuss renovation; equipment installation; temporary housing; or building a new home. Once we have completed the necessary groundwork, we can establish a time to reconnect and begin the actual project.

See our Post-Injury Timeline for more information.

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