Special Needs Trust

Did you know?
Two in every five adults in the United States aged 65 and older have a disability.
- Center for Disease Control and Prevention

How does one Maintain Real Estate Value & Marketability While Providing Home Access?

Accessibility Design knows how. When investing money into home modifications and new construction, Accessibility Design will empower you with the knowledge and information you need to make good decisions.

Beneficiaries of Special Needs Trust have a full spectrum of access needs. They range from ambulatory to full care giving. The environment must match these needs for a beneficiary to reach their maximum level of independence. When this is done, caregiving costs can be kept at a minimum.

The cost of “re-do’s” caused from lack of knowledge and short sighted design solutions are eliminated when Accessibility Design is involved with your project. We bring our experience and expertise cultivated from over 5,000projects to support you and the many decisions and justifications you need to make on behalf of the trust’s beneficiaries.

Our Process is Precise and Effective

  • Home Access Site Visit (to determine current and future accessibility needs)
  • Drafting & Construction Documents
  • Product Recommendation
  • Budget & Cost Estimating
  • Bid Gathering
  • Project Cost Summary
  • Project Representative at Hearing (if needed)
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Project Completion Site Visit

Whatever the size of your project or complexity of your situation, Accessibility Design has the right service for the job.

"Using Accessibility Design on the front end of a real estate transaction proved to be a prudent decision which will undoubtedly save the Trust time, money and resources in the future. They continue to impress me and I will certainly use their services in the future."

- Patience J. Iverson, Assistant VP U.S. Bank, Trust Real Estate

"Our home is functioning perfectly. Kelavonte has adjusted well. He loves it! We’re all so happy. Everyone who sees it is just wowed!!"

- Desarae Surratt, Kelavonte's Mom

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Too high?

If you find the cost of the home access project too high, remember, you have options!

Renovate the existing home or building a new home are the most common solutions. But what about finding an existing accessible home for sale or buying a home more conducive to remodel? These are all choices that should be explored.

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