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Medical expense accounts can cover home improvements and/or special equipment installations, as long as their main purpose is medical care for you, your spouse, or your dependent.
- Department of Treasury, IRS Publication 502


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Transforming homes with our client focused process

Using our decades of experience and full-service approach to guide you through the complicated process of new construction or renovations.

  • Home Access & Safety Assessment
  • Floor Plan / Document Review
  • Home Access Design & Consultation
  • Drafting & Construction Documents
  • Product Recommendation
  • Budget & Cost Estimating
  • Bid Gathering
  • Project Cost Summary
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Project Completion Checklist
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Our Process & Services

Every project is a bespoke customization of a home that is tailored to your specific needs. And while each project is unique, we have a thorough process we use to achieve successful results.

Plan Review

Need some general guidance? Send us your proposed design. Then after conducting a phone interview, we review the design and solutions and make recommendations for access features and details to be incorporated.

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Design & Consultation

We conduct an extensive needs assessment to gather necessary information. Conceptual drawings and sketches will be produced during the process of design development, space planning, and conceptual integration of products.

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Drafting & Construction Documents

Precise, professional drawings are essential to receiving accurate bids, timely permits, and detailed-oriented construction. Accessibility Design can provide hand-drawn or computer-generated documents for this use.

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Home Access Site Visit

This two-to three-hour session sheds light on the decision whether you should renovate or relocate or build new. A written report can be provided for use by third parties or individuals not present at the Home Access SIte Visit.

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Funding Source Research and Assistance

Access solutions require money to be implemented, sometimes more money than is immediately available. We work with you to find sources of funding and to research application requirements for available programs and grants.

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Architectural, Interior, and Assistive Product Research and Recommendations

From grab bars to elevators, from flooring to sinks, we have done the research so you and your contractor don't have to. We recommend specialty products, assist in the purchasing process, and oversee their installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cost Too high?

If you find the cost of the home access project too high, remember, you have options!

Renovate the existing home or building a new home are the most common solutions. But what about finding an existing accessible home for sale or buying a home more conducive to remodel? These are all choices that should be explored.

Is construction always nessesary?

No. Through exploring the use of adaptive equipment, temporary solutions, and the location of tasks and caregiving there may not be the need for large scale/permanent modifications.

We have found, however, that permanent modifications made to the home can be beneficial for the aging process of other loved ones living in the home and therefore can be a good investment.

Can you help us with purchasing products?

Accessibility Design can assist clients with product selection, ordering, and delivery. Since Accessibility Design is not a specific product vendor, we are able to select from a wide range of products and product vendors to accommodate each client's specific needs and style.

A family member was recently injured, and I think some things need to be changed at home so we can take care of them. When should we contact you to assist us?

Now! As soon as you know that your family member is going to live with disabilities, you should contact us. Although the tendency is to wait to make arrangements until the time of discharge, it's best to allow as much time as possible, in order to avoid rushed decisions and unnecessary stress.

When you call, we will spend a short amount of time getting to know the potential project. We will review the current home, contact any key players (insurance company's representative, case manager, etc.), and talk through possible directions that your project might take. For instance, we may discuss renovation; equipment installation; temporary housing; or building a new home. Once we have completed the necessary groundwork, we can establish a time to reconnect and begin the actual project.

See our Post-Injury Timeline for more information.

Can you work with my social worker/county waiver program?

Yes. We have been a part of home modification projects funded by county waivers for over 30 years. We know how to expedite this complicated process and get the necessary information to your social worker and county review committee in a efficient, effective manner. Please have your case manager call us, and we can guide them through our referral process.

You can learn more on our County Waivered Services Page.

We already have an architect and/or contractor/builder. How can you help us?

When we're on the job, your contractor or designer doesn't have to be a home access expert—that's our field of expertise! We add strength and reassurance to the decisions you and all the players on your team make. Our site visit services; plan review services; and architectural interior and assistive product research and recommendations may be helpful to you.

We are building a home outside the Midwest five-state service region. Can you still help us?

Yes, we would be happy to help! Our Plan Review service is appropriate for your situation. After conducting a phone/Zoom needs assessment, we'll review your design and make recommendations for access features, design solutions, and details to be incorporated. We may redline (edit) the floor plan, propose products to be explored, enclose standard detail sheets, and/or create sketches to convey our ideas to you and your builder. If necessary, we can continue to answer questions and advocate for you during construction.

How long does an average project take?

Project time varies from a few weeks to more than a year, based on the project's parameters; our involvement; the scope of the construction; the level of detail required to convey design information; the level of prior experience your team players have; the pace at which decisions are made; and of course, the weather and seasonal elements.

How do we pay Accessibility Design?

Accessibility Design uses a letter of agreement to clearly spell out our fees and services and establish our working relationship with you. Our fees are based on hourly rates according to the service provided. Flat fee and percentage of construction cost agreements can also be established. Fees are billed monthly or by project phase.

If your funding your project through a third-party source (e.g. grants, specialty loans, workers' compensation, county waivers, trusts, or insurance), we will be happy to work with you to make the process of project documentation and payment as smooth as possible. Please contact us for further collaboration.

Should we stay and renovate this house or build a new home?

You are not alone. Our clients frequently ask us this question during their first conversations with us. It's a complicated question without one easy answer—that's why we offer a home access site visit as a service. We provide an initial phase of consultation to assist you with this critical decision. During this site visit, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your home; construction opportunities and limitations of your current home; and the pros and cons of investing in renovation of your current home versus applying that money to new construction. We consider four important categories of information:

  • How to maintain the greatest level of access, safety, ease of maintenance, and beauty for your needs and wants
  • Level of investment and value for your money
  • Your home's location, including features such as public transportation and hospital access
  • Emotional and personal issues regarding your home, your preparedness to relocate, and timeline for making a choice

While financial considerations are important, we consider your entire situation and make an informed recommendation. We'll work with you to discover what needs to change, and create a plan to make those changes.

Are you a contractor?

No. Accessibility Design is a home access design, consultation, product recommendation, and project coordination firm. As we've grown and developed our services over the years, we've chosen not to expand into solution implementation so that we can remain your advocate during the construction phase of your project. However, over the past thirty years, we have worked with hundreds of contractors and builders. Of them, we have developed a network of our preferred contractors to draw on. If your project requires, we can team up with one of our preferred contractors, or a contractor of your choice.  

The access team and contractor provided careful planning and attention to detail allowing for flexibility in accommodating the use of a power wheelchair as well as various lifts...and our house still feels like a home!

- Lois Wogan

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